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heart torn in two

I received word today that a very, very dear friend has had her baby. I cried. Tears of joy. Tears of sorrow. Tears of joy because Alice and her family are such dear friends. The joy of bringing a baby … Continue reading

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Interesting find

I went to the restroom at CMFI (Christian Missionary Fellowship International) and on the back of every toilet there was some ‘reading material’. In my stall was this book. I loved the title! I loved going back there. The colors, decoration … Continue reading

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Funny conversation!

After my last post I had to laugh at this conversation on facebook! Thanks, Emily ;0) EMILY: burglarized is NOT a word, there is NOTHING more annoying than that. To be burgled is the verb, you don’t burglarize a house … Continue reading

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Americanism in Britain Thank you to my wonderful brother in law Daryl for this little gem 🙂

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Florida 2011 summary

Ok here are the last few days/pictures in summary! Pine Island   Graham and i both love the ways these picture sum up our children’s personalities. Jacob and his ability to be happy on his own and his joy of life and … Continue reading

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Tarpon Springs part 2

We went back to Tarpon Spring as we really wanted to do a boat ride….at the very end of the ride we saw….dolphins! A mom and calf to be exact. The captain of the boat was amazing. Graham actually spotted … Continue reading

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Myers Briggs

MBTI is a great tool to help you gain self-awareness! For the record I am an ESTJ. (Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging) For years I thought I should be an ESFJ. Long story, but, ummmm, it is quite evident that I not 🙂 One … Continue reading

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When I used to do the training for people heading overseas ‘Boundaries’ was a book I recommended they read. Why? Because when you go on the field, but especially when you return ‘home’ everyone wants a ‘piece of you’. You have to … Continue reading

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My mom and step dad live in small town America. Lapel, Indiana according to the 2010 census has a population of 2,068. The size of a big city church in these parts; yet they have 6 churches I believe!! Every year they … Continue reading

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Vacation – Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach was such a wonderful experience we went back for another day!       Miles and Miles of sand to walk, play and enjoy 🙂 AND on the second day we found a great little place to eat!  This … Continue reading

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