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British Bangers

For 3 years we have searched for the ‘ever elusive British Banger’ (aka British sausages) over here in America or more specifically Carmel, Indiana. I finally tried ‘Joe’s Butchers’ in Carmel. Oh. my. goodness. They were AMAZING! They looked the right … Continue reading

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October 28

Today for Friday Family Fun Night we had a fire roasted hot dogs and marshmallows! It was a blast. Abigail and Jacob were even enjoying fighting/wrestling/playing in the yard while Graham and I were able to chat 🙂 I love fall. … Continue reading

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EEG Results

We had a phone call 24 hours ago telling us the EEG was ‘normal’! YEA! That also means we begin a 9 week weaning programme to for Abigail to come off the meds 🙂 Wow, the emotions I feel and … Continue reading

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Top Notch

We went to one of the finest restaurants around tonight…we are talking great Martinis, the best steaks I’ve ever had andone of the finest places to eat around here! Infact, there are often two Ferraris parked outside on a Friday … Continue reading

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Sometimes you don’t need words just letters! Today has been all about EEGs and DIY! EEG – Abigail had her EEG this morning at 8am. She had to fall asleep to get the readings they needed so we were up … Continue reading

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Stats update

Thank you to the 19 ‘subscribers’ and 116 people who ‘like’ me on facebook! This blog is still a fun place for me to gather my thoughts on my life and I’m glad you seem to be enjoying them too!

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Does Evan know?

I’ve been waiting until it was public knowledge that Autumn was going to have a baby, so I could blog the next couple stories! Autumn told Abigail and Jacob she was going to have a baby by asking them a … Continue reading

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What a ride

One thing I have learned from living overseas is that life is a wild ride and I love it! That is probably why I love this quote…. Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well … Continue reading

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The last few days I seem to have said half a dozen times ‘I just wish corporations would prepare people better for living overseas.’ How do we get them to understand that? How do you help them realise that if … Continue reading

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Deep Questions

Bedtime question from Abigail: So Mom one thing I just don’t get in the Bible is this…Who made God? If if there is no God then the whole Bible and earth are different. Me: Lets go downstairs and talk to … Continue reading

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