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Sometimes…life is hard and life is busy.   Advertisements

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Portfolios and Pastries with Parents

The next big thing that happened in May that I took photos of was Portfolios and Pastries with Parents with Abigail! (It was the same day as Jacob’s bike rally, so I went to this and Graham went with Jacob!) … Continue reading

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What a month!

May is nearly out and I am so thankful! I have been asked by two of my sister-in-laws to please update you all and to make sure I include lots of piccies 🙂 I love you ladies! We are headed … Continue reading

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the big hills

 “How life goals are just like climbing the big hills.  You need to break them into smaller more manageable goals”. Don Schafer Don and Cynthia Schafer run an organisation called ‘Camptown’. It is a rather amazing organisation that reaches 1000s of … Continue reading

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Herding cats pt 2

People who typically love living overseas (or missionaries as per the quote yesterday) are people who are Strong willed Strong minded Independent That is why trying to manage people living overseas is like herding cats. Cats too are Independent, strong-willed and strong-minded. … Continue reading

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Herding cats

‘Managing missionaries is like herding cats.’ Richard Tiplady I’m not sure if this was an origional quote or one he stole from someone else, but it is a quote I have used dozens of times since I first heard Richard … Continue reading

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My dad would be proud of me for quoting this… “In Essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, love” comes from Augustine. It is basically the ‘mantra’ of the Christian churches/Churches of Christ. I’ve been thinking about the second … Continue reading

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happiness is $1 flip flops

Today we passed another couple milestones! Abigail bought a size 7 flip flop (I am a size 8!) OK they are cheap flip flops we are talking about and not our ‘real’ shoe size, but *gulp* on the bright side that means we … Continue reading

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Two and a half years

WOW. It hardly seems possible that it has taken us two and a half years for me to finally say this, but…I think we are finally starting to feel settled! Now, I am a firm believer that ‘home is where … Continue reading

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St Joseph, Michigan

First, sorry it has been almost two weeks since I blogged! I have a love/hate relationship with May! I love it because it is the end of preschool, the end of school and the start of much warmer weather, living … Continue reading

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