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The day we learned about allergies

There is a long back story to this post BUT today is the day our lives changed forever. Today began our journey as a family where one of our members was diagnosed with dozens (yes, you read that right … … Continue reading

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Fall Break 2013

i was getting ready to blog about Spring Break 2014 and realized I never blogged about Fall break 2013!! Fall Break 2013 We headed to SouthEast Tennessee and the Cherokee National Forest! It was a great 4 day break! We … Continue reading

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Growing up

It has been a long time since I have blogged and really I need to be getting ready for my day now; but I want to mark and remember how grown up are kids are getting. We first noticed it … Continue reading

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7 Days

A birthday (Angela’s *cough, cough 35th) A baptism (Abigail!!!) A holiday weekend (Labor Day) A birthday (Abigail’s 10th!!) An anniversary (Our 16th!) ….yep, it’s fun week!

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Easter 2013

I posted this picture on Facebook and several people were like ‘oh Graham is in pink’. Yes. Yes, he is and if you ask any one in our church this is not uncommon! This was the first year ever I … Continue reading

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Spring and Phil

Abigail ‘Mom, Phil lied. Does a groundhog really see his shadow?’ Cause this year he was wrong, wrong, wrong.’ My daughter is so right. Today the first day of spring was 26*F (Something like -3*C!) And here I am all … Continue reading

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…today we went for a hike. I love hikes. For one we are out of the house. Two were are away for technology. Three we are with each other. Anyway, I have been reflecting on why everyone (or rather many … Continue reading

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A New Development

Well yesterday, Saturday 16 February 2013, Abigail had a seizure in the middle of the day! She was running around playing paparazzi, when she started ‘chocking and gagging’. Of course she wan’t ‘chocking or gagging’ she was having a seizure. … Continue reading

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Epilepsy is back

Epilepsy is back! The EEG today was super duper clear. What is not 100% clear is the type of epilepsy. All the misfirings were all on the right side in the Central Temporal Region. She said this is not really … Continue reading

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Moments to remember

Although today was long and tiring…these are the moments I want to remember….

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