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While writing to a friend attempting to transition ‘home’. I thought of these verses. Sometimes ‘Finding Joy in the Journey’ is easier said than done. Sometimes we have to find peace where we are at to once again soar! Is 40:28 … Continue reading

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Never blog before coffee

Heaven knows I am a terrible at spelling and LOVE spell check. Unfortunately, it does not check the ‘title’. Yesterday I blogged ‘Island Mentality Fadding’ – yes, I did. Lesson Learned…Never blog before I’ve had a coffee or two.

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Island Mentality fading

Do you remember this post about island mentality? Well i had another moment the other day that made me realise an 11 hour drive in a day is no big deal! I ‘googled’ Carmel, IN to Canton, OH. It is … Continue reading

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‘wrong’ side of the road

I thought the days of wondering if I was on the correct side of the road were behind me! In fact I hadn’t had a ‘am I on the correct side of the road’ moment in a while. Then I … Continue reading

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Old Car New Car

Well Gretchen the VW Bug finally died 😦 Here is her last photo…. I loved this car. It was the first car that was really ‘mine’. But the repair bills were soon more than it was worth *sigh* so we … Continue reading

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I have now lived back in America for almost 3 years and there are still a few things that still make me feel like a foreigner, even though my birth country and original passport country is America. The BMV (Bureau of … Continue reading

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Jacob turns 5

ok, ok, ok. I am so sorry this is nearly a month late! Jacob had a FAB birthday at Monkey Joes. He had known for a year that he wanted his party here! Here are the pictures to prove his day … Continue reading

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when home is no longer home

You know you’ve lived overseas a long time when you return home only to find it is just as foreign of a land as the land you first went to. Short, sweet and true.

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The last five minutes

I just had to stop cleaning and post the last 5 minutes of my life because these are the things I want to remember forever…. Jacob and I are home alone. Abigail is at dance and Graham is golfing. He … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had some reoccurring random thoughts and I’ve been trying to figure how to put them into a really great blog post. I finally decided that maybe I just need to put the random … Continue reading

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