Knife? That’s not a knife. That’s a knife.

Setting the scene…While in New York City a man jumps Dundee and attempt to rob him at knife point. Dundee replies, ‘Knife? That’s not a knife. That’s a knife.’ He then pulls a very big knife on the guy that jumped him. This scene is a good reminder that so much of what we consider ‘normal’ is all a matter of perspective. Our perspective is bound by our cultural norms and expectations.

With the weather turning cooler  here is has prompted a friend and I to exchange emails about what is really cold. She lives in Texas and we are in Indiana. We both travelled a fair bit and we are both laughing at the different reactions to what people call cold.

“burr! I can’t believe how cold it is this morning!”
– from a girl living just outside of Houston, TX – weather at the time was sunny skies and about 60* F. (16*C)

“I thought it was going to be cold this morning, but it is 30*F (-1*c). off to walk the dog!”
– friend who recently moved to Boston, Mass., from Austin, TX, but he grew up in Alaska.

“Time to turn on the heat!”
– Florida resident – I looked up the weather in her area, and the high today is 78*F (26*C).

“Wow! 7*F (-14*C) degrees with a wind chill of -10*F (-23*C) and no two-hour delay?? Poor kids….really cold at the bus stop and walking up the trail at the high school.”
-someone who is from the midwest and still lives there

“This time agree it’s cold. We were shorts and t shirt yesterday.”
someone from England living in Florida. Temperature at the time 51*F (11*C)

So let’s just remember that it’s all a matter of perspective and live, love and laugh together.

PS it really is cold here today with a high of just 10*F (-12*C) but PLEASE don’t tell my friends who live in Canada or the Arctic Circle ’cause they’ll laugh at me! hahaha


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2 Responses to Knife? That’s not a knife. That’s a knife.

  1. Alley says:

    LOVE IT! Great post! I am laughing out loud at my computer.


  2. Emilie Reading says:

    My friend (who is from Germany, grew up in Canada, but now lives here) and I (from UK, grew up in Turkey, and now live here) were walking home yesterday evening and she says “This wind is really strange, because it’s strong but it’s not like a cold biting wind” I just looked at her with disbelief and responded “Really?!?!?!?!? It’s biting me pretty hard!”

    I guess Canada cold and Turkey cold are very different!


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