Truly a Foreigner

images-3This week I have been reminded what a foreigner I am in this land. We switched medical insurance on February 1. And February 1, our daughter, was taken via ambulance to the hospital. After 3 years seizure free she no loner was….



The questions/statements/things I saw that remind me I am not from this land:
9 firefighters in my front room (9? 9? really?!)
A fire engine and ambulance on my drive (why?!?!)
‘Which hospital would you like to go to?’  (the only one in town!!!)
‘Do you have your insurance card and ID?’ (seriously?!)
‘Where would you like us to send the bill?’ (OHMYGOSH!)
‘Don’t worry about not having your insurance card yet. It happens all the time.’ (Are you serious?)
‘You will just need to take this home and fill it in and fax it back to us when you get your card.’ (So I am now doing your job? BTW did you know my daughter had a seizure tonight?!)
Having to call the insurance company to figure out if the hospital we are at is ‘in network’ (how about we all play nice?!)
‘You would like your daughter sedated for the MRI?’ (since when was I a Dr?!)
The fact that I am worried about how much all this will cost. (When was ‘living’ only for the rich?!)
The fact that I walked away from a $250 prescription that Abigail needs to check if the one I had was outdated! (There is something wring with this picture!)
That I had to pay $500 for TWO prescriptions. (*passes out*)
That monthly meds will now be in excess of $150 (no such thing as a poor pharmaceutical company I guess!!)

I can’t help but wonder in all this when simply living became a rich mans game?! Yes, this week I have felt more like a foreigner then I have in years.


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Coffee lover, foodie, PW, TCK, wine taster, MOPS mentor mom, Pampered Chef, wife, mom, auntie, sister, daughter...I have many labels, but the only one I let stick is Child of the King!
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5 Responses to Truly a Foreigner

  1. bumissmichele says:

    Yeah, this is why I try never to stay in America long enough to get sick… As if you’re not stressed enough in these moments. Wow. On the bright side, THANK GOD you got the insurance switched before this happened. That is Daddy showing you He is really looking out for you!


  2. Cynthia says:

    I so understand your pain. We have a med that list price is $6,225/ month. Thanks to insurance we only pay $170 out of pocket each month. I have always said that insurance and litigation are the problems with the American healthcare system.


  3. Amy Foust says:

    Wow Angela. It is awful to see how our system treats people in times of health crisis. I’m sorry you and your family were treated this way during that scary time. You have said this so well. These are the things that are needed to merely “live”, at this time in your life. But they are sometimes so difficult to get because of the high cost associated with it. My eyes have been opened more too, as I travel to senior citizens’ homes in Indianapolis. They have worked their entire lives, and now are scraping to get buy, pay medical bills, and pay for medicine. Often times, there is nobody to help them. I saw one just recently that has $99 to live on after he pays his bills each month. He had a lot of pain in his knee, and had a bad, itchy skin rash for the past year, but can’t afford the $35 copay to see the specialists (ortho and dermatology) to treat these conditions. So, he lives with the pain, and the rash. Its hard to understand how we live in a place where money is spent so freely on things that don’t matter, but harshly restricted on care needed to “live”, as you say. God help us!


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