Post seizures

I’ve received many texts/phone calls/emails/private messages over the last couple days – thank you to everyone!

It did make me realize, however, that many of you have not been on the ‘seizure journey’ with us; so I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into what happens pre/during/post seizures for us.

Abigail does seem to have an uncanny sense that she is going to have a seizure and has some how managed to alert us every time she is going to have one. Usually by grunting or trying to yell. (I call this phase 1). This is right before the seizure makes her completely incoherent. (phase 2) During the incoherent phase she is absent, although her eyes may be open, and she is usually drooling or spitting bubbles or during her worst ones chocking and passing out – though the passing out has not happened since the fist couple. Then we enter phase 3 where she usually comes around, but has a horrible headache, has the really bad shivers and throws up.

The first couple of seizures she had required heavy medication, days in hospital and sedation. We nearly lost her the first couple of times.

It appears the older she gets the easier and shorter they are. We will see her neurologist this week and we will determine what the next steps are.

Once again thank you all for your continued prayers. Seizures use a great deal of energy. It is said that a 5 minute seizure uses as much energy as running a marathon! As a result we all spent much of yesterday in our PJs.


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