Trash talking

While we were in Phoenix, AZ on our road trip at a random Starbucks I heard this comment ‘Well, roads here are as crap as the ones in Istanbul or London for that matter.’  Que laughter from the other people he was sitting with.

As I listened further to the conversation it was clear that the man had been to neither place.

This is one of my pet peeves (and heaven knows I have many!)! Why do people feel they can judge a place they have never been? For those who care the streets of London are equally as good as the streets of Phoenix. I think that is what hit me….how dare he! I had been to one of those places and a dear friend of mine used to live in the other!

Don’t prejudge. Love. Better yet go and visit some of these places that you think are terrible and you may just find you are wrong.

And for the record here is a London Road, Istanbul Road and Phoenix Road!


About Angela

Coffee lover, foodie, PW, TCK, wine taster, MOPS mentor mom, Pampered Chef, wife, mom, auntie, sister, daughter...I have many labels, but the only one I let stick is Child of the King!
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