I have a dear friend whom I have known more years than I care to think about. She knows me, my siblings, my parents, my husband, my children, she knows the good and the bad and she still loves me and wants to spend time with me! We all need people like that in our lives.

Anyway, we went for coffee today at the most amazing local coffee shop and they have paintings and art you can buy. We saw one with this phrase on it

The one we saw was a cuter picture but said the same thing ‘I try to live simply, but drama keeps following me around.’ Well, she laughed so hard and then said ‘You so need this!’

In fact, I may go back and purchase it. I try so hard to live simply, but I swear drama keeps finding me!

Most of my drama I don’t blog about, but maybe I should! I try to keep my ‘bloggable’ drama to those things related to living overseas. Maybe that’s too boring though ;0)


About Angela

Coffee lover, foodie, PW, TCK, wine taster, MOPS mentor mom, Pampered Chef, wife, mom, auntie, sister, daughter...I have many labels, but the only one I let stick is Child of the King!
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2 Responses to Drama

  1. Cynthia says:

    That was written for me, too!


  2. Rachel says:

    And me! I even got a degree in it cos I decided, if you can´t beat it, join it! 😉


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