Missions Trips

One of the things I am in the middle of doing is helping to administrate a couple short term trips. One is going to Haiti and the other to Natchez, MI. Both we are in long term relationships with and it is just as much about the people as the project.

It’s kept me kinda busy, so this poor blog has been a bit neglected. BUT can I say that I will never tire of the pure delight I see in people as they prepare for their first overseas (missions) trip!

I wrote that as my status a few days ago and a someone I met years ago at the missions agency I worked at (she helped prepare the famous ‘CoBP’ ‘Code of Best Practise’ for short term missions) replied ‘and when they come home with that raw excitement!’

I know short term missions have pros and cons, but this is one of the biggest ‘pros’ for the sending church! People who are changed forever and for the good. They suddenly ‘get it’. My goodness. I would literally give my life for a church building full of people on fire for serving in Jesus name.

The picture above is of Marlene and her children. March 2 – 10 they will have their home finished and presented to them! We are praying for you Marlene!


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5 Responses to Missions Trips

  1. ejreading says:

    I know there are pros and cons… but I’m definitely normally more on the con side… but this made me smile, and sway me toward being a little more positive. Your excitement for those people and expectation for their return encourages me. It’s so nice to see someone who is welcoming the change a trip will bring, and is expectant for their growth.


  2. As a long-termer who spent three years in a place where short-termers came and went, I have to say that incredible energy and enthusiasm short-termers bring almost always has more benefits for the people on the other side than it does negative effects. Yes, I know if not properly prepared, they can cause problems, more often I personally was refreshed when short-term groups came, and they were incredibly good for the kids I served!


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