WHH conclusions

In our final meeting about Steve Corbett’s When Helping Hurts we drew these conclusions…

My poverty
We must realize that we are poor and we must discover how we are poor if we are to truly help.

 Crisis vs Redevelopment
We far too often confuse a need for Redevelopment with a Crisis! There are very few crises in this world most things we like to think of as a crises really need redevelopment not aid.

 Saying yes too fast
One of the biggest mistakes we make is to say yes too fast. Often when we wait the problem resolves itself and in a much healthier way. Unfortunately everything in American culture says to say yes now.

 Giving those we serve the chance to say no
More often than not those we are trying to help WANT to help themselves and we don’t give them the chance to say no to the help we offer we just rush ahead and do what we think they need. To stop and listen would be the better option.

Elephant stomping on mouse
Too often we are busy doing and helping and we ‘squish’ those we are trying to help. Just like an elephant can kill a mouse without meaning too. We just contribute to the emotional/psychological poverty!


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