Steve Corbett lecture on When Helping Hurts

You know you are going to learn from a wise and godly man when his opening (and closing) prayer is this ‘God may what you want to be heard tonight be said and heard. May Satan not steal that away and if I say word that are not of you may they fade into nothingness.’

This from a man who has sold 100s of 1000s of books, lectures, speaks and talks to 100s of 1000s of people! What a heart.

Some of the things to highlights….
Everyone is poor. You are poor. I am poor. If you are reading this via my blog it probably means you will never experience materialistic poverty, so you need to think about how you are poor. Are you poor in relationships, family, close friends, neighbors, time, energy, health, rest?

The moment you think you are not poor is the moment you need to stop helping the ‘poor’. If you can not receive help you can not help.

My poverty is a separate post! But I am poor in experiencing healthy marriages. Both my husband and I come from broken homes. It is painful for me to even type that. I (we) constantly strive to surround ourselves with people we can learn from in this area.

Relief, Rehab and Development
Relief…some PHYSICAL need that requires immediate attention. It is SELDOM, IMMEDIATE and TEMPORARY.
Far to often we confuse inconvenience with crises. Water being cut off, electricity being cut off, a pregnancy, etc are not crises. They are inconvenient. It was known for months these things were going to happen and we need to work with people through these things, not provide relief. It needs rehab and development.

WOW, how often we confuse inconvenience and crisis.

Rehab and Development are all about walking WITH people through these times and helping them find ways to overcome them, get beyond them and learn from them.

Steve laughed about this part he said ‘It is EASY, but it is not FAST.’  Americans want to fix problems and fix them fast. That is why we like Relief! that is why we confuse inconvenience with crises. Fix it for them and fix it now. America more than any other culture wants quick fixes.

Another point Steve made is that few of us will ever be involved in relief in a natural disaster type scale. By the time we can make travel arrangement and get there they need rehab. Development will come weeks and months later. By the time we get to earthquake rubble, the flood, tornado site the injured are already taken care of and they’ve received bottle water and they have temporary shelter. The best thing we can do is financially support those agency who do relief and do it well!

What a great evening and what a great book. I’d highly recomend ‘When helping hurts’!


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5 Responses to Steve Corbett lecture on When Helping Hurts

  1. Nice summary and I highly recommend this book! Until we realign out thinking that we are ALL poor, we can not effectively help others who are poor. It’s rarely about material things…’s about our hearts on the inside. God can do amazing things through our lives if we reach out to touch the hearts of others……it’s about loving!


  2. hmm… everyone’s poor in someway, like everyone is gifted in some other way. Thank you for the review!
    Also, I invite you to come over to know about us at BookRack and consider joining us 🙂


  3. Emilie Reading says:

    I really like the part about knowing and understanding that we are all poor.


    • that is a key thing, Emily! Everyone must realize that there is someway in which we are all poor! Without that it puts us in a posistion of authority and continues the cycles of poverty by conviencing the people we are trying to help that they need us and we don’t need them! one of the biggest hurdles the materially poor struggle with is low self esteem. If we put ourselves over them then all we do is reinforce that.


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