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A little message to say sorry for the lack of posts this week (and probably the next few days) I am working really very hard at my ‘proper’ job!

Actually, what I am doing is writing a couple of papers on what a ‘good sending church does well’. I am also trying to write-up criteria, check lists and agreements.

I’d be really interested if you are from a church that sends missionaries to hear what they did/what they do well. Were they/are they involved presending, on the field, home assignment and any transitional ministry time?

Did they interview you? Were they actively involved with the agency? Did they take the place of an agency? Do they write you letters? Do you have short-term teams visit? Do they debrief with you? Are they your only financial supporter? Are they the largest supporter?

What did they do good? What did they do bad?

Ok, now that I have started writing these questions I have so many more! Sooooo if you are blessed to be sent by a great church let me know because I have LOTS of questions!

We can always move this discussion to the Facebook page if we want too!


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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m glad to read that you’re writing a paper on what a good supporting church can and should do well. If I were writing something similar, I would mention that communication definitely needs to flow in both directions between the missionary and the supporting church or individual. That’s one of the biggest surprises of being on the field – how little we hear from people. We’d always love to hear if people were encouraged by the information we send back, if they are happy with the partnership, and that they are praying for us and think we’re doing good work for the Kingdom. Without that communication, we’re left to guess about those things. Likewise, we need to be diligent about sending news and updates so that those support partners can really feel that they are a part of the story being told (because they are).

    On the other side of that, often (not always) when we DO hear from people and churches, included is a seemingly lifeless form that we need to fill out that can barely paint a picture of the victories, challenges, and stories we experience. How does that form enable us to paint a picture of the guy we met two years ago, who isn’t yet a Christian, but has stopped drinking because he knew it had gotten out of control and who is only now beginning to ask the real questions about faith? That’s a pretty huge victory for that person! I’m not saying that such a form is impossible; I’ve just never seen it personally. In this day and age, success on the field goes way beyond baptism numbers. People are skeptical, people need to know that the church is worth their trust and that takes time. I’m not sure how to say those things with some of the forms I’ve seen. Make sense?

    This is already way too wordy for a blog comment, but I think about this kind of stuff a lot and am happy to talk about it. Just my two cents. Thanks, Angela.


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