money can’t buy you love

It’s true. Money can’t buy you love, happiness or even security. This thought has been going around my head while I have been painting the kiddios bathroom. I’ve found I paint and decorate the house a fair bit in the winter. It is a great way for me to spend time thinking, praying and meditating.

I have several people in my life who are living overseas and are going through really tough times. Painting has provided the opportunity to really lift them up in prayer. It has been good. A thought that I just can not shake is how money (or lack of it) has had no bearing on where they find themselves now.

There seem to be a couple different views on money. One is that you start your overseas journey with a ‘sugar daddy’. Someone who says – GO and DO. I got your back. Never worry about money. Or maybe they have moved with a company because the financial gain made it all seem worth while.

Then there are those who go and do and have no idea where the next meal or paycheck is going to come from.

There also seem to be a third group of people. Those who work hard, make good sound financial decisions and always seem to have just ‘enough’. Never really wanting and never really having millions.

One thing that has hit me is that a great experience of living overseas is certainly not bought with money! You can have all the financial security in the world and it doesn’t mean you heart or mind is in the right place.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that those who enter their life overseas with financial security are no more or less likely to ‘have a great experience’.

To take this thought one step further it would be that sometimes when someone goes overseas with someone who is backing them or helping them significantly financially it can actually cause greater problems. This could be either parents, a church or a business who single handedly take most of the financial pressure off the one going overseas..

I’ve thought of several possible reasons why, but none have good solid case studies! Maybe that’ll be a project for me some day when I am old and gray and have nothing better to do.

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One Response to money can’t buy you love

  1. justbarefoot says:

    You said it! Financially we’re doing just fine over here, because like you mentioned above, we’re very much supported by Scott’s company. However, I just might possibly be one of the most miserable oversea-ers ever! (I say that half joking, but mostly serious, but you know all that). Knowing that when we moved here we wouldn’t have to worry about a budget like we did in the States, we went out and *tried* to spend money to give ourselves fun stuff and modern conveniences, but 1) We couldn’t find things we wanted to buy, and 2) The money we did spend (which wasn’t much) did nothing for my emotional and mental state of being. However, there is a sense of security there that we don’t have to worry about money if something big came up, which thankfully, has not! But it does ease the mind to know there is money in savings just in case. 🙂


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