First Flight

We are getting ready to fly as a family for the first time in 2 years and it has caused me to dwell on my first experiences of flying.

I was 10 years old when I went on my first flight. That year my grandpa took me and my siblings up in a tiny little plane, I went on my first domestic flight and my first international flight! What a year 1988 was.

We actually flew on a Virgin Atlantic 747 airplane for the International flight. I remember being amazed at how big the seats were in first class and that there were stairs in an airplane!

It was all rather impressive at 10 years old. However, the fact that I caught a stomach flu on the flight and then threw up, on the coach ride and the taxi ride put a damper on things. I continued throwing up until mom and dad were able to get me into the Doctors!

Could you imagine travelling to a strange new country with a child that had to see a Doctor within a couple of days of arriving?

As it turns out we had to find medical help in both Tunisia and Spain when travelling with our daughter, Abigail! Tunisia was easy as you can get antibiotics at a pharmacists and Spain we had friends with us who were fluent in Spanish!

My guess is my mom and dad had it a bit harder then either of those experience.


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Coffee lover, foodie, PW, TCK, wine taster, MOPS mentor mom, Pampered Chef, wife, mom, auntie, sister, daughter...I have many labels, but the only one I let stick is Child of the King!
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One Response to First Flight

  1. Emilie Reading says:

    Reading your updates about traveling has made me feel very blessed to be single. The past 4 months I have flown 5 times, and am jut preparing to fly again next week. All of these flights have been necessary, I hate to imagine how difficult or even impossible all that would have been with a whole family in tow!


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