You are not alone

Ever feel like this?                                     

or how about this?

Living overseas can be one of the most isolating feeling in the world. You can be in a room full of people (maybe even speaking the same language), yet feel completely alone. Just for the record, this is normal and you are NOT alone!

Today over breakfast a friend and I were commenting how living overseas can be very lonely. You may even have lots of friends, but sometimes you feel like no one understands you. You feel like you don’t fit in.

We both laughed at this example…we live in Hamilton County in Indiana. We have some of the best public schools in America and America has some of the best schools in the world yet all i seem to hear is complaints about the public schools here. I often bite my tongue, but just want to scream REALLY? REALLY? You don’t know how lucky we are. The reality is though that they don’t know how lucky they are and I am the one out-of-place here. I’m the one who is ‘not normal’.

I’m sure everyone around us thought we were crazy, because we were laughing so hard we were nearly crying.

That is just one example where I realise I am not from here and so often feel like no one understands my point of view. The truth is there are 100s no 1000s of us cross cultural types out there who are ‘stuck between worlds’ with this crazy world view.

So go on and leave me a comment about some of the conversations where you feel totally and utterly out-of-place in your view!


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Coffee lover, foodie, PW, TCK, wine taster, MOPS mentor mom, Pampered Chef, wife, mom, auntie, sister, daughter...I have many labels, but the only one I let stick is Child of the King!
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