Family and Roadblocks

I’m not really sure what is going on at the moment, but no word of a lie I have had probably half a dozen or so conversations just this week about people who are having roadblocks getting overseas.

Some are for missions experiences some are not. At least a couple of the people experiencing roadblocks or hurdles are directly related to the fact that their family do not want them to go overseas. Now I know my glasses are rose-tinted, because let’s face it…I love travelling and living overseas.  I also believe everyone should have this wonderful experience.

Sometimes our family can be those who stand in our way the most and I know they do it for all the right reasons and with all the love in their hearts. My Grammie tried to convince me to return to Indiana many years ago with the argument ‘But the soil is so rich and dark’. Graham nearly fell off his chair laughing. He couldn’t be further from a farmer if he tried. I’ll give him credit though he kept a straight face at the time.

Grammie also used to tell my dad and mom that they didn’t need to go to England to be missionaries ‘Cause there are people right here dying and going to hell.’ Then she proceed to tell us story after story of all the ‘bad’ people she had encountered or read about. It usually made dinner at MCL last an extra hour!

Thing is my Grammie loved us so much it broke her heart to see us go. Largely though they were selfish reasons why she didn’t want us to go. I’m glad my parents were able to go despite all the guilt trips. Thing is, sometimes in a way our family love us to much and if they’d just open the palm of their hands and let us fly away we’d return ‘home’ anyway and much richer for the experience of having gone.

(As an aside she now has all of us with an hour of her home and I try to see her as much as possible, although it will never be enough in her eyes 😉 )

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One Response to Family and Roadblocks

  1. akdean2008 says:

    I can very much relate to this blog post! I see my mom being just like your Grammie in a few years lol Just got to make the decision that’s best for us, and hope for the support.


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